At Least It Isn’t Talk Radio

Comic Transcript

SCOTT: Hey guys.


KING: What are you doing here?

SCOTT: I’m using some vacation time to visit my mom, and I thought I’d stop by and say hello.

KING: So how’s Google? Are the rumors true? Is it a worker’s paradise?

SCOTT: Well… avoiding the thing that lives on the ceiling can be a bit tricky, but overall —

MONK: I hear there’s an employee-run radio station in your building. Is that true?

SCOTT: … yes.

MONK: So? What do you think? Is it any good?

(SCENE CHANGE: Google employee-run radio station)

GOOGLE EMPLOYEE: This is WFTGN bringing you the latest in cutting-edge sound. Up next is the first track of “Some of My Favorite Screams” by the Dark Cult of Ftugulah, followed by three hours of an unknown man begging for mercy.

(SCENE CHANGE: Back at Ubersoft)

SCOTT: I don’t listen to it much.

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