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63,000 More Ways to Leave Your Lover

63,000 More Ways to Leave Your Lover
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Comic Transcript

ALEX: My boss has heard you’re having problems with our new relationship-building initiative, and would like to speak with you personally. I’m putting you on the speaker-phone…

BOSS: What seems to be the problem?

CUSTOMER: The problem is what YOU call a relationship-building initiative, I call 63,000 bugs you didn’t bother to fix.

BOSS: That is a very hurtful thing to say. It implies a lack of trust, which will severely damage any attempts at developing our relationship any further. If only you understood me more… you would see I am not the enemy.

BOSS: All I want is to subjugate the world, to enslave it, to keep it locked into a never-ending cycle of software purchases and minor upgrades. I want to hear the despairing wails of billions of souls as their software refuses to work. Is that so wrong?

CUSTOMER: Yes, it jolly well IS.

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