Help Desk: Introduction

C. B. Wright
"Let Us Show You The Door"
Ubersoft Technical Support: telling you where you can go today

In Help Desk, all your worst fears about the computer industry come to life: the Help Desk staff are little more than minions of the company’s marketing division, seeking to maximize profits while minimizing customer expectation. The President and CEO of the company is an otherworldly demon intent on dominating the industry, crushing his competitors, and inflicting untold misery and suffering on computer users all over the world. The industry itself is corrupt, interested in nothing other than robbing everyone blind while churning out the lowest quality hardware and software that it can get away with, all the while systematically depriving its customer base of all the rights and privileges of actually owning anything they buy.

In other words, it’s all 100% true.

Join Alex, the imperturbable and mildly amoral Help Desk support technician, his colleagues Monk, King, and Scott, Mark the technical writer, Phil (head developer), Alice (from Marketing), Viktor (Legal), the dreaded Dark Lord of Ubersoft, and Binky, the Cheerful Winking Paperclip, as they make excuses for shoddy software, deal with the MPAA, fight off Apple’s attempts to take over the world, champion the cause of flawed voting machines, and make the world a better place — for Ubersoft.

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