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Trying To Find The Catch

Comic Transcript

PHIL: What, you won’t let me develop for the iPhone because I’m a slob?

STEVE: This has nothing to do with me, Sport. If it was up to me I’d give you the keys to the kingdom, as it were.

STEVE: But Steve Jobs has a vision — grand vision of how the world should be, and he won’t let anyone near his creations unless they help fulfill that grand vision.

PHIL: He’s a megalomaniacal software overlord bent on committing acts of evil. I’m an evil software developer. I don’t see the problem.

STEVE: He’s a megalomaniacal software overlord whose master plan is to dominate the market using beautiful, elegant tools that always work and that make the people who use them feel better about themselves when they do so.

PHIL: How is that evil, exactly?

STEVE: It’s a subtle and complicated plan.

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