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Culture Needs A Push

Comic Transcript

PHIL: So you’re not going to let me have a look at the iPhone SDK?

STEVE: Don’t worry, Sport! I said I would, and I meant it. We just have to do a little re-engineering to get you up to Apple Developer standards. Lads?

(APPLE CLONES appear by PHIL.)

PHIL: You have to do what? Hey!

STEVE: Don’t worry, Phil. I can tell you from experience it only hurts a little.

PHIL: But I don’t want to be like you!

STEVE: That’s only because it hasn’t happened yet. Once it’s finished perhaps we’ll play a few rounds of tennis.

PHIL: But I don’t want to be like you!

MARK: Who doesn’t want to be like you?

STEVE: Phil.

MARK: Do I want to know why —

STEVE: Not really.

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