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Just Call Him Winston

Just Call Him Winston

Comic Transcript

ALEX: I’m having a little trouble grasping the idea that you’ve been waiting patiently on hold for over a week.

CUSTOMER: Well, I wouldn’t exactly call it “patiently.”

CUSTOMER: The first day I was pretty thoroughly impatient. Te second day I spent most of my time screaming at my telephone and coming up with all sorts of creatively nasty things to say to you when you finally answered the phone. The third day I had to take a break, so my wife stayed on the phone while I had took a shower, had a stiff drink, and watched a little television.

CUSTOMER: By the fourth day, your on-hold muzak had broken my will. I just sat there, passively humming a vapid jazz rendition of “Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer” over and over and over again… I was like that until you answered the phone.


ALEX: Why didn’t you just hang up and call back later?

CUSTOMER: And lose my place in the queue? Are you nuts?

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