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Product Registration
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Comic Transcript

CUSTOMER: I just bought one of Ubersoft’s computer games, and it won’t run.

ALEX: You probably need to register it first. In order to reduce piracy, a vile practice which impedes our ability to provide you the consumer our quality software, we now require all our games be registered before they can be activated.

CUSTOMER: How do I do that?

ALEX: Place your CD in your CD drive, your floppy disk key in your floppy drive, then type in the 58 digit, mixed-case code glued to the CD jewel case. The game will generate a number that you need to call in to our support line to get your registration code.

CUSTOMER: You mean I do all that and the game still isn’t registered?

ALEX: No, but we’ve found after you put in all that effort you’ll be more inclined to pay the $35 registration fee.

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