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You Must Unlearn

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Comic Transcript

PHIL: No… that isn’t right. Do it again.

BINKY: OK, Skipper!

ALEX: What is going on?

PHIL: AI Development. Very cutting edge stuff.

BINKY: How’s that?

PHIL: No, Binky. Look at the reference and try again.

ALEX: “AI Development?”

PHIL: Yeah. Everyone else is training their AI to draw, so we’re trying to teach Binky as well.

ALEX: So you’re, what, dumping thousands of images into his brain in the hopes that he learns to imitate every artistic style or record?

PHIL: NO, Binky. Just… NO. – right now we’re focused on getting him to unlearn one specific style.

ALEX: Dare I ask?

PHIL: Bob Ross.

BINKY: Happy Trees!

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Daniel 11 January 2023 at 8:43 AM

So, what you’re saying is that a happy little mistake is making happy little mistakes?


I’ll see myself to the door….


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