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Two Cakes

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THE BOSS: Viktor! Give me the most recent update on the “Network Neutrality” issue.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: There are rumors that the FCC is getting ready to release guidelines that classify the Internet as a utility, opening up ISPs to Federal regulation.

THE BOSS: What do we think about this?


VIKTOR SCHRECK: On the one hand, we are not primarily an ISP, and anything that makes the Internet access market fade into the background is good for us–it’s one less market we have to battle in, and it prevents competitors from entering into custom agreements that lock us out of parts of the market.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: On the other hand, if we were ever to aggressively move into that market, we would find our ability to act severely restricted.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: The problem is that however we choose, we’ll gain the advantages of one side and lose the advantages of the other.

THE BOSS: We will claim to support Net Neutrality, all the while continuously planning its eventual future demise.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: I’ll order two cakes.

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