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It’s Also The Corporate Motto

Comic Transcript

VIKTOR SCHRECK: So… this is the back entrance to “Binkyland.”

MARK: Smells disgusting.

DRINKY: What did you expect, a clean back alley?

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Let’s focus on getting inside. Binky, how do we —

(A piece of the door slides back.)

GUARD: What’s the password?


GUARD: The password. What’s the password?

VIKTOR SCHRECK: We really don’t have time for this.

GUARD: No one gets in without the password!

VIKTOR SCHRECK: What do we do?

ALEX: We guess the password.

MARK: Right. If you were the RIAA or the MPAA, what would yo use as the password that granted access to your very-top-secret children’s indoctrination facility?


VIKTORS SCHRECK: Maybe we could climb in through a window.

GUARD: That’s the one.

(Door opens.)

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