The Wrong Answer

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Comic Transcript

PHIL: Look, this is all dreadfully embarassing, but I’m fine.

ALICE: You’ren ot fine until I say you’re fine. Now we’re going to ask yo uas eries of questions. I want you to answer with the first thing that pops into your head.

PHIL: If you insist, but I think this is a waste of –

SHEILA: Music!

PHIL: Jazz.

SHEILA: I think that’s acceptable.

FRANK: Agreed.

SKIP: Favorite movie?

PHIL: “My Man Godfrey.” The Powell/Lombard version, of course, though Niven’s performance in the remake is quite good.

SKIP: Sounds good to me.

ALICE: You need to set up a file server. Which ist he better solution, Apple or Linux?

PHIL: Trick question! The answer is always “Ubersoft.”


FRANK: Excellent!

SKIP: Good job.

ALICE: You had me worried there for a second.

PHIL: Though to be fair, Linux has some very useful –

ALICE: I’m calling a doctor!

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