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The Doctor Is In

Comic Transcript

ADALAI FOULE: I came as soon as I heard. Where is the patient?

PHIL: Keep that ruffian away from me!

ADALAI FOULE: What ruffian?

ALICE: I think he means you.

ADALAI FOULE: Nonsense. I’m not a ruffian, I’m a dentist.

PHIL: Doc Holiday was a dentist AND a ruffian!

ADALAI FOULE: Hm. He has a point.

ALICE: Phil, Adalai isn’t just a dentist. he also has a doctorate in Contemporary Studies in the Metaphysics of Evil.

PHIL: Evil? What does my condition have to do with evil?

ADALAI FOULE: Well, what doesn’t it have to do with evil? You were brainwashed by Apple and reconditioned to be a man of sophistication and refinement.

PHIL: Being sophisticated and refined is evil?

ADALAI FOULE: No. Being brainwashed by Apple is.

PHIL: I prefer to think of it as “cleansing.”

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