The Second Slip

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Comic Transcript

PHIL: So to summarize, this new marketing push will allow us to gain some traction in the sophisticated, big-money markets that have always eluded us. Beer and caviar all around.

ALICE: What and caviar?

PHIL: Wine.

ALICE: You said beer.

PHIL: I most certainly did not.

SHEILA: You did.

FRANK: I heard it.

SKIP: You definitely said beer.

PHIL: I… well, that’s embarrassing. I’m not averse to having a cold one when I’ve unbuttoned my collar for a night of carousing with the boys, but if I know anything at all, it’s that one doesn’t serve beer with caviar.

PHIL: Always customize your presentation for your audience. If you’re serving an audience caviar, they’re going to expect wine. So, obviously, it has to be wine and potato chips.

ALICE: Stop!

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