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Try Before You Buy

Try Before You Buy
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Comic Transcript

ALEX: So your plan is essentially to sue the company you want to buy you out?

SCO: Not company. Companies. We’re going to sue until it sticks.

ALEX: That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

SCO: Well, you guys will have plenty of time to say that on the stand, because you’re on our list, too.

ALEX: What? What are you going to sue us for?

SCO: Because Nifty Doorways uses proprietary UNIX technology, which we claim we own legally.

ALEX: UNIX tech – and what is this technology we’re using?

SCO: Er… the filesystem.

ALEX: But Nifty Doorways doesn’t use the UNIX filesystem.

SCO: Doesn’t matter. The idea of a filesystem is covered under our contracts.

ALEX: That is the stupidest thing —

SCO: We’re suing for 400 billion dollars, but we’re willing to license it for half that much.

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