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Comic Transcript

MARK: Look, guys, something most people don’t know is that Steve Jobs’ ego isn’t actually attached to Steve Jobs.

DOC: Well, duh.

MAX: If it’s trapped in an extra-dimensional prison and he isn’t, then that’s kind of obvious.

MARK: Fine. But that means that when it started breaking into this world, it was acting independently.

MAX: Yeah, OK. I’ll buy that. But so what?

MARK: Well thinka bout it. Apple’s been getting so much good press lately that this ego is able to start breaking into this world, independent of anything Steve Jobs does or says. Then Jobs retires, and what happens? 24/7 press coverage about his retirement, whether or not it means Apple is doomed, close up biographical retrospectives on his career, and all the time everyone is using adjectives like “visionary” and “brilliant” and “genius” and it just doesn’t stop. This kind of press can go on for weeks.

MARK: And all that coverage is feeding an extra-dimensional superego that was already growing exponentially.


DOC: So I guess that’s a bad thing.

MAX: Yes, genius, that’s a bad thing.

FRED: I’m going to be killed by a Freudian construct. Just like Mom said.

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