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Losing Sight Of The Big Picture

Comic Transcript

SHELLY: So basically what you’re saying is that because everyone thought the world was safe and went home, the world is now significantly less safe?

MARK: That’s exactly what I’m saying.

SHELLY: And now we’re all about to be destroyed by a giant space ego?

MAX: No, we’re about to be destroyed by a giant interdimensional ego.

MARK: Max is right. Interdimensional.

MAX: But shouldn’t it really be other-dimensional? Inter-dimensional would imply between dimensions, and it’s not.

FRANK: Well if it’s in one dimension and trying to break into ours it sort of is.

MARK: Only if you’re assuming there’s a space between dimensions and it’s currently in that space. I think Max has a point.

DOC: What about extra-dimensional?

MARK: That would imply it was outside all dimensions. Which isn’t true.

MAX: If it’s currently in one dimension but actively breaking into ours, maybe cross-dimensional?

SHELLY: There are too many technical writers in this room.

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