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All The World’s A Sit-Com

Comic Transcript

ALEX: Are you happy now?

KING: Everything is fine.

ALEX: You were just quoted on live television swearing you would never use the very operating system you have running on your work PC.

KING: So I lied. Have you paid much attention to what we do every day? I got on TV, said something supportive of my employer, made some of the higher-ups happy. That’ll be the end of it.

ALICE: Hey King, it turns out the people watching the SCLM-TV newscast responded really well to you on television. We’re going to be making you our official spokesman for our new campaign against those Chinese hackers.

ALICE: We’ll probably be expanding the campaign to include dirty filthy Linux users in general. Either way you’ll probably be placed under an enormous amount of public scrutiny. Congratulations!


MONK: Well thank goodness that was the end of it.

KING: I sense an unrecoverable-hard-disk-error-requiring-complete-disk-wipe-and-reinstall in my near future.

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