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An Awkward Development

Comic Transcript

JIM WASHINGTON: Thank you for joining us, Mr. Schreck. Could you be more specific about Ubersoft’s official position on this Linux distribution that has copied ND XP’s user interface?

VIKTOR SCHRECK: I’d be happy to, Jim.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: The user interface for ND XP represents years of work on the part of developers and designers at Ubersoft, and is a significant piece of intellectual property. We are aghast at this brazen violation of our property rights, and every single one of us feels that — well, hold on a minute, I’ll show you what I mean.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: You! You there. come over here. I want to ask you a question.

KING: What?

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Would you ever use a Linux distribution that brazenly copied the user interface of one of our operating systems?



VIKTOR SCHRECK: See? He’s so repulsed by the idea he was nearly stunned into silence.

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