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A Brand New Toy

Comic Transcript

PHIL: Hallo there Alex.

ALEX: Hey there Phil. How was the Consumer Electronics Show?

PHIL: I have to show you this wallet I bought. It’s amazing.


PHIL: Look, look, it’s a carbon fiber shell and it uses a biometric scanner lock keyed to my fingerprints — only I can open it. And it uses bluetooth technology to monitor its proximity to my cell phone — when it gets more than twenty feet away from the phone it sets off an alarm! I’ll never accidentally leave it behind!

ALEX: What if you’re in a situation where you’ve put both your phone and your wallet in your jacket and you’ve left your jacket hanging on the back of a chair? And then in a sudden fit of drunken inspiration you decide to drive to Quebec?

(PHIL’s wallet beeps.)

PHIL: You might need an add-on for that.

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