Applying Previous Experience To new Situations

Comic Transcript

ANDY (GOOGLE DEVELOPER): Look, Scott, why don’t we table the question of Google’s moral character until after we finish this interview. I still have a few more of our tests to administer.

SCOTT: Oh, very well.

ANDY: Great. The rest of the tests will be presented in the form of incredibly complex questions that will require a great deal of thought. First Question:

SCOTT: The answer is “An Orbital Death Ray.”

ANDY: …how did you know that?

SCOTT: When I first started working at Ubersoft, one of my co-workers told me that any time one of our evil managers asked me a question all I had to do was say “An Orbital Death Ray” and they’d be happy with the answer.

ANDY: …Second Question:

SCOTT: The answer is “An Orbital Death Ray”

ANDY: Stop doing that!

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