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Going Straight to the source

Going Straight to the Source
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Comic Transcript

ALEX: So what seems to be the problem?

QA: Well, we were testing the service pack for Nifty eDoorways 2001, and we would get random lockups and that grey screen. The grey screen had the following message:

QA: “Nifty Doorways has encountered a segmentation error in IEEE:4001h82:00011 eeehh
0000:0000 0000:0000
0000:0001 0000:0001
00aa:00bb 00aa:01h2
1ae0 1199 9eff 2eff 1eFF 5eab
Please contact Ubersoft eSupport for more information on the nature of this error.”

QA: So what does it mean?

ALEX: I have no idea.

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