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Sometimes It’s Better Not To Accurately Describe The Situation

Sometimes It's Better Not To Accurately Describe The Situation

Comic Transcript

BOSS: There you are.

PHIL: Yeah… we were just…

BOSS: We are leaving.

PHIL: Without Binky? I mean, without Steve? I mean… er…

BOSS: Steve Jobs attempted to subvert Binky, and he succeeded. Binky has become “Steve the Paperclip,” and I do not know how to undo that. Steve Jobs also attempted to subvert my sigil, but he failed that gambit. he and I have reached an impasse, and have called a temporary truce. So I have decided we will return to Ubersoft and revisit this indignity at a time of my choosing.

MARK: So basically we’re giving up and running away?


MARK: Or… maybe we’re doing something that bears a slight resemblance to giving up and running away, but is actually far more aggressive and manly?

PHIL: We’re not with him.

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