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Kafka Was An Optimist, Part IV

Comic Transcript

CUSTOMER: Don’t you think that treating your customers as if they were criminals is a bad idea?

KING: It’s not a bad idea if the customers really are criminals.

CUSTOMER: But I’m not a criminal!

KING: Do you know many criminals who admit to being criminals?

CUSTOMER: Well, no… then again, I don’t know many criminals.

KING: But are you saying that because you really don’t know any criminals, or are you saying that because you’re a criminal who isn’t willing to rat out his fellow criminals?

CUSTOMER: “Rat out?”

KING: You know. Snitch. Squeal. Spill. Sell down the river.

CUSTOMER: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

KING: Hmmmm. Maybe you aren’t a criminal after all.

CUSTOMER: That’s what I’ve been trying to say!

KING: Or maybe you’re just very, very clever!

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