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Noise To Noise Ratio

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JIM WASHINGTON: Rage is growing among iPhone users as Apple’s latest response to the iPhone 4’s antennae problem offers no real relief of any sort.

JIM WASHINGTON: The problem, according to Apple, is that the software that visually displays the strength of a cell phone signal was incorrectly reporting the signal strength, making it look stronger than it actually was. Apple promised to provide a software update to correct this problem, though it didn’t explain how this would affect users who are noticing a significant drop in cell quality when they hold their phones.

JIM WASHINGTON: Meanwhile, Apple announced that any customer who is still experiencing these problems with phone reception quality should call Apple technical support immediately…

JIM WASHINGTON: … with their iPhone 4.

NEWS TICKERTAPE: Breaking: Apple denies reports that it downplayed problems with iPhone 4 antennae :: “We deny reports that we downplayed problems with iPhone 4 antennae,” spokesman is quoted as saying.

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