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We Buried A Great Evil In The Backyard

We Buried A Great Evil In The Backyard
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Comic Transcript

MARK: Well… that was interesting.

ALEX: Or not.

PHIL: Oh, hey Alex. You look like you’re feeling better.

ALEX: Since I’m not actively defending myself from a rabid paperclip trying to tear the flesh from my bones, I’d have to agree that I’m feeling better.

PHIL: Well I have good news about that.

MARK: Do tell.

PHIL: I took the bucket Mark trapped the mini Evil Binky in and filled it with concrete. Then I took some of the programmers with me and we buried that thing out back. We’ll never have to worry about that paperclip ever again.

ALEX: You realize that by saying “we’ll never have to worry about the paperclip ever again,” you’re practically guaranteeing that we will, in fact, have to worry about it again.


PHIL: Oops.

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