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I Thought It Sounded Familiar

Comic Transcript

THE BOSS: I have done it! At last! And now all the world shall tremble!

ALEX: What now?

THE BOSS: I have created a uniquely insidious terror to inflict on the world. When we release the next version of Nifty Doorways it will be completely integrated with social networking, to the degree that it will display internet ads tailored to the individual user on every free inch of the display screen!

ALEX: That sounds suitably horrible, but it’s not exactly a new idea. You came up with that idea years ago.

THE BOSS: I did?

ALEX: Yeah, you were going to display ads in the Nifty Doorways desktop wallpaper. And you were going to add pop-ups, too.


THE BOSS: I suppose I’ll just go sue someone in an arbitrarily vindictive manner, then.

ALEX: Have a good one.

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