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Marching To The Beat Of A Different DRM, Part 3

Marching To The Beat Of A Different DRM, Part 3
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Comic Transcript

ALEX: Sir, I believe we’ve found a way to fix your problem.

CUSTOMER: Well, it’s about time.

ALEX: It seems the DRM software has flagged the application as having passed the “installation grace period.”

ALEX: A typical user will install the software immediately after buying it, and the typical software bundle sits in the stores for a month before it’s bought. So when we fabricate the software package we give the user a grace period of two months form when the CD was actually stamped to install the program. When the two months have passed, a re-activation key must be purchased to re-enable the installer.

CUSTOMER: Or I could just set the clock on my computer back two months, install the program, and reset my clock when I’m finished.

ALEX: Our lawyers would disagree.

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