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Concerned Shareholder

Concerned Shareholder
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Comic Transcript

ALEX: Ubersoft e-Support, Alex speaking.

CALLER: Hi. As a concerned owner of Ubersoft stock, I want to object to the recent buyout of the British tabloid press. I think it’s a bad idea to take any steps that might be construed as trying to compete with InternetOnline… we are in the middle of a lawsuit, you know.

ALEX: I see. You wouldn’t happen to be an employee or owner or shareholder of InternetOnline, would you?

CALLER: No, no, no. No, not at all. Nope. I’m nothing more than a concerned Ubersoft shareholder. That’s it, nothing special, just a guy who wants Ubersoft to do what’s right for the company. Really. Honest.

ALEX: I see. And your name is?

CALLER: It’s… uh… Steve. No, wait! It’s Bill! No, wait! Rats.

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