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Encountering Pushback

Comic Transcript

ALICE: Hello, are you Richard McCallister, author of “Look Eastward, Layman” and “When Comes the Gardener?”

RICHARD MCCALLISTER: Yes I am. Are you the person who has been antagonizing my colleagues about our US publisher not using DRM?

ALICE: I wouldn’t call it “antagonizing.” I’d call it “educating.”

RICHARD MCCALLISTER: You told Doug Brophy our publisher was going to kill him.

ALICE: No, I warned him that the actions of your publisher were life threatening. There’s a difference.

RICHARD MCCALLISTER: You told Doris Herschell that our publisher would put her in debtor’s prison and force her to sell her children to science.

ALICE: I simply wanted to warn her that your publisher was endangering her future income by making it possible for her unscrupulous fans to steal her work, making it impossible for her to meet her financial obligations.

RICHARD MCCALLISTER: You told Alex Fitzroy our publisher was using his work to actively support organized crime.

ALICE: Book piracy is organized crime. It’s admittedly not as violent as some of the other forms of organized crime, but it’s only a matter of time.

RICHARD MCCALLISTER: You told William Kurt that the loss of DRM on his books would make it possible for unethical movie studios to turn his book “The Seven Blades of Hico, Texas” Into a major motion picture without paying him a dime.

ALICE: I admit that was misleading. It implied there were ethical movie studios.

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