Comic Transcript

FED #1: Ah, Mark. Good. Just the man we were looking for.

FED #2: We were afraid you’d left for the day.

MARK: … it’s 10:30 in the morning.

FED #1: Yes, well. Government contractors are a fickle lot.

FED #2: Which segues nicely into why we’re here.

FED #1: It seems lately some contractors have taken certain… liberties with information they’ve been given access to.

FED #2: Reporting it to unauthorized parties. Putting our nation at risk.

FED #1: Our job is to ensure the rest of our contractors are not liabilities.

FED #2: For that reason you’re going to have to be vetted.

MARK: I’ve already been vetted.

FED #1: You’re going to have to be vetted again.

FED #2: Re-vetted. It’s a new and improved vetting process.

MARK: I’m going to wish I’d left at 10:15, aren’t I?

FED #1: We need you to sign a few waivers before we begin.

FED #2: Please make sure your emergency contact list is up to date.

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