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Inconvenient Cross Reference

Comic Transcript

ALEX: I think the biggest problem you’re going to have with the name “Ur Health” is that it isn’t going to make people think of an ancient Sumerian empire at all.


ALICE: It’s the texting thing, isn’t it?

ALEX: Yep.

THE BOSS (HEALTH INSURANCE): Texting thing? What texting thing?

ALICE: “Ur” is pidgin for “your” or “you are,” depending on context. A lot of people use it so they don’t have to type out the extra letters on a smartphone.

ALEX: Or on Twitter, to shave off characters.

ALICE: So specific demographics are going to look at the name and assume you’re trying to be hip and modern.

ALEX: And it will reek of an aging hipster desperately trying to remain relevant to a younger generation.

THE BOSS (HEALTH INSURANCE): Hmmm. Desperation is not the image I wish to convey.

THE BOSS (HEALTH INSURANCE): Perhaps I can refer to the ancient kingdom of L’Ulz…


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