An Unexpected Trend

Comic Transcript

THE BOSS: So, you intend to turn the tables: where I am associating Apple with uncharacteristically vulgar behavior, you will associate Ubersoft with uncharacteristically… benign things. Like puppies.

STEVE: I know how much you hate puppies.

THE BOSS: That is true. I find them detestable.

STEVE: And yet I can’t help but notice you aren’t nearly as enraged as I expected you to be.

ALICE: Boss, we got our preliminary data back from our customer survey. We’re starting to see a trend now that Ubersoft is being associated with puppies.

THE BOSS: What is that trend?

ALICE: Our customers are now more likely to view puppies as an evil but ever-present force in their lives.

THE BOSS: And thus I win.

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