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The Pale Horse Candidate

Comic Transcript

THE BOSS (SCO): Are we agreed, then? Do we give the position to Zuckerberg?

G’OO’GL: Don’t be evil.

BINKY (STEVE): He’s not as stylish as would have liked, but…

THE BOSS (SCO): … but he represents the evil of a new age, and Facebook is a pioneer in the field of Social Media atrocities.

G’OO’GL: Don’t be evil.

BINKY (STEVE): Agreed.

THE BOSS: Very well, then. It seems we —


NEW ENTITY: I shall be the one to join your cabal of evil. I, whose coming has been foretold by the deaths of a billion suns, shall this day claim my rightful place among my peers!

THE BOSS (SCO): And you are?

NEW ENTITY: I am the Dark Lord of PayPal and eBay!

BINKY (STEVE): Gentlemen, we have a new front-runner.

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