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Fiends Of Yesteryear

Comic Transcript

SCOTT: Right… so what happens now?

JAKE SLADE: Now I take you down, Mr… er… what’s your name again?

SCOTT: My name is Scott.

JAKE SLADE: Scott? What kind of villain mastermind goes by Scot?

SCOTT: Well I’m not —

JAKE SLADE: “Scar,” maybe. Or “Scourge,” or even “Scorch,” if it’s a fire-themed kind of deal. But Scott? That’s just plain embarrassing.

SCOTT: But I’m not —

JAKE SLADE: You now, I remember when a villain would put work into how he presented himself. You could see the craftsmanship. It was an honor to work with guys like that. These days any guy with stock options and a boat thinks they can take over the world…


SCOTT: I’m very sorry for your loss.

JAKE SLADE: Almost makes me wish I hadn’t killed all those guys.

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