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Assemble On The Field At Dawn

Comic Transcript

THE DARK LORD OF PAYPAL: I have arrived.

BINKY (STEVE): Ah, there you are. Dressing up for the occasion I see.

THE DARK LORD OF PAYPAL: A duel is like the opera. One should always wear a cape.

BINKY (STEVE): Well said! Now, your opponent should be here fairly soon–

LAWYER: Good morning, gentlemen. I apologize for the delay.

BINKY (STEVE): Hm, yes, well. To be honest, we were all expecting the Dark Lord of PayPal would be dueling Mr. Zuckerberg rather than yourself.

LAWYER: Oh, he will be. Mr. Zuckerberg is right behind me.

MARK ZUCKERBERG: (appearing as the Facebook logo.) Hey guys!


BINKY (STEVE): You’re not what I expected at all.

MARK ZUCKERBERG: I get that a lot.

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