The Dark Lord Of The RIAA

Comic Transcript

THE BOSS: I greet you, Dark Lord of the RIAA, and welcome you to my halls.

THE BOSS (RIAA): I greet you, brother.

THE BOSS: While you are welcome here, I am confused. This is to be a meeting of the computer industry cabal. Your dominion lies in other spheres.

THE BOSS (RIAA): I am here to petition for membership.

THE BOSS: Membership? What does the recording industry have to do with the computer industry?

THE BOSS (RIAA): If the E-Parasite act passes Congress and is signed into law, the movie and recording industries will be the only private entities with the resources and wherewithal to effectively shut down and blacklist any site on the Internet. Our lawyers will be able to accuse anyone of any intellectual property infringement, no matter how trivial, and those affected will have little recourse. We will effectively control the Internet itself.


THE BOSS: Well then. Let’s get started.

THE BOSS (RIAA): Indeed.

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