Comic Transcript

BINKY (STEVE): Hallo Old Man.

THE BOSS: Steve. I am pleased that you have come.

BINKY (STEVE): Well, it’s a distasteful business, but we feel a certain obligation to make sure the reins are handed over to the right candidate.

THE BOSS: We do have concerns, however, about your demands concerning the vetting process.

BINKY (STEVE): Well we do have to make sure the new chap meets the standards and expectations of his predecessor. There is a legacy to uphold, after all.

THE BOSS: We do not take issue with the intent behind the demands. We take issue with the demands themselves.

BINKY (STEVE): I don’t know why. I’m sure everyone will agree they represent the bare minimum of expected qualities and behaviors–

THE BOSS: I fail to understand this obsessive hatred of the color plaid.

BINKY (STEVE): It’s not a color, it’s a pattern. And evil does not excuse poor fashion.

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