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Comic Transcript

ALEX: We at Help Desk would like to officially lodge a protest against the continuous use of SCO as a plot device in our storylines.

ALEX: While we acknowledge the relevance, seeing as how they’re bringing frivolous lawsuits against companies based on spurious charges, and doing so in a way that has the potential to have a chilling effect on the computer using public at large, we’re getting tired of sounding like a broken record about the subject.

ALEX: There are plenty of things in the computer industry for the cartoonist to satirize, and we wish he’d do so instead of rehashing the same old topics over and over again.

ALEX: That is not to say we endorse SCO’s activities in any way… In fact, we all find what they are doing is not less than reprehensible.

BOSS: Ahem.

ALEX: Well, all right, the Boss kind of admires them.

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