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Comic Transcript

ANONYMOUS: We are Anonymous, and to be quite honest we’re a little annoyed.

ALEX: What seems to be the problem?

ANONYMOUS: You recently blamed an email outage on us when what REALLY happened is one of your tech guys did something stupid during an upgrade, mixed up a bunch of accounts and then turned everything off until it could get sorted out.

ANONYMOUS: The thing is, this whole “blame Anonymous to cover up our incompetence” gag is getting a little old. You’re not the first company to decide that blaming us for every screwup is a brilliant plan, you know.

ALEX: We’re not?

ANONYMOUS: We’ve worked hard to cultivate an image as politically motivated hackers, and we don’t appreciate it when companies dilute that image in order to cover up for poor planning.

ALEX: You haven’t trademarked or copyrighted that image, have you?

ANONYMOUS: Well, no. Intellectual property is one of the great evils destroying civilization today.

ALEX: IN that case, I would suggest we aren’t diluting anything. We’re creating a derivative work, with attribution.

ANONYMOUS: See, this is why we hate you guys.

ALEX: Thank you for calling Ubersoft, and have a nice day.

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