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Comic Transcript

MILITARY POLICEMAN: Your computers are ready.

MARK: Wait. What? They are?

MILITARY POLICEMAN: We’ve set you up in a room right down the hall. Network access and everything.

MARK: It’s been two weeks!

MILITARY POLICEMAN: We apologize for the delay.

MARK: No, no, no you don’t understand. It’s only been two weeks!

MAX: What Mark is trying to say is that two weeks seems like a remarkable turnaround time.

MARK: You guys remember when we tried to requisition a printer for that missile system documentation in ’96?

MAX: Oh yeah! We had to send in a printed justification of why we needed to print out documentation for our project.

DOC: Only we didn’t have a printer, so we had to borrow the printer the guys in the anti-missile system project down the hall were using.

SALLY: …but they approved your request, right?

MARK: No, we were “using unassigned government equipment in an unauthorized manner.”

DOC: Fortunately they decided not to shoot us.

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