Help Desk

A Traditional Greeting

Comic Transcript

MONK: Ubersoft Technical Support, Monk speaking. How can I help you today?

MARK: Monk! It’s Mark. Look, I’m having a problem–

MONK: Mark! Long time no hear, man. What’re you up to these days?

MARK: I, uh, can’t really talk about it, but right now I’m in the middle of a Nifty Doorways Eleventy upgrade at work. It just popped up an error message “there was a thing.”

MONK: What thing?

MARK: I don’t know what thing, that’s why I’m calling.

MONK: No, I mean what was the specific error message.

MARK: That was the error message. “There was a thing.” That’s the message.


MONK: I’ll ask Phil.

MARK: Kick him hello for me.

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