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The Real Legal Argument Revealed

Comic Transcript

JUDGE: I… really don’t understand why SCO is still here.

SCO LAWYER: Well, Your Honor, it’s quite simple.

SCO LAWYER: When we sued Uniqque claiming that we owned the Unix copyright, and therefore by extension the entire Linux operating system market, you and a jury ruled that it was Uniqque who owned the copyright, thereby foiling our attempt to exploit a very lucrative licensing market.

JUDGE: At which point you should have gone home, dusted off your resume, and hit the bricks looking for a new job.

SCO LAWYER: We came up with a better plan.

JUDGE: I don’t think there’s a–

SCO LAWYER: We would like the Court to force Uniqque to give us their copyright.

JUDGE: The… what? The copyright that we just determined they now legally own, completely and fully, and that you have no legal claim to whatsoever?

SCO LAWYER: The very same.

JUDGE: On what grounds?

SCO LAWYER: We really, really want it.

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