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JIM WASHINGTON: Our next breaking story: an uproar on the web as the Associated Press threatens legal action against political blog the Drudge Retort for violating its copyright when the blog posted text from seven different AP news articles. The quotes were used in six separate blog posts and a comment on a post.

JIM WASHINGTON: Critics of the AP’s actions point out that each quote consists of less than 80 words each, and is protected by the “fair use” exemption under existing copyright law.

JIM WASHINGTON: Responding to the fierce outcry from critics, the AP appears to have softened its stance somewhat. it has not acknowledged that the quotes fall within fair use guidelines, but the AP is adopting a more conciliatory tone towards the incident, promising to work with a representative of the blogging community to clarify the AP’s position.

JIM WASHINGTON: When asked who was representing the blogging community in this discussion, the AP replied “oh, we met this guy.”

NEWS TICKERTAPE: Breaking: Tonight On Special Inside Report Edition 2100: “Linux Terrorism In America — What You Need To Know” :: Does Kubuntu Cause Cancer? Our Health Experts Weigh In :: Legal Analyst Discusses

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