Exactly The Same But Different

Comic Transcript

ALEX: Well that’s officially the first time I ever had to use our Litigation Insurance to get out of criminal charges.

MONK: Our premiums are definitely going up.

KING: There you guys are. Some party, huh?

ALEX: I don’t want to talk about it.

MONK: King, are you still running Nifty Doorways Xceptional Product? Why haven’t you upgraded to ND 7?

KING: Oh… er… I never got a new machine. This won’t run ND7. I don’t mind.

ALEX: Well that doesn’t make any sense. Henry said he upgraded the last machine in our department in October.

KING: Yeah, well, he forgot me…

ALEX: And that looks like the same model as my machine. Flat screen and everything. So why is it running ND XP?

MONK: You know, I read that a couple of Chinese hackers had released a version of Ubuntu that was designed to look exactly like ND XP in every possible way.


ALEX: Is that a Bash terminal?

KING: Oh look, I’m late for a meeting.

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