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Let Us Begin The Casting

Comic Transcript

CAREER COUNSELOR: The first thing we need to do is generate your personality profile. This will allow us to match your temperament to an appropriate work environment.

SCOTT: Like a Meyers-Briggs test?

CAREER COUNSELOR: Similar, but more specialized. This test was designed to focus specifically on people who work in the computer industry.

SCOTT: How does it work?

CAREER COUNSELOR: I’ll ask you a series of questions,a nd enter your answers into our personality profile database. Then the computer will generate a profile and match it to a profession and work environment that suits you best. So shall we get started?

SCOTT: All right.

CAREER COUNSELOR: First question: “Unwitnessed, thou hast slain a great dragon in self defense. A poor warrior claims the offered reward…”

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