He Who Does Not Learn From The Past

He Who Does Not Learn From The Past

MARK: I’m getting a little worried about Scott.

ALEX: Why is that?

MARK: Well, this week he doesn’t really seem like his usual, optimistic, help-the-world-until-it-hurts self.

ALEX: I haven’t noticed anything strange.

MARK: he leaves customers on hold for hours, uses transparent excuses to dismiss any problems they are having, and spends more time playing Solitaire than he does listening to his customers. From what I’ve seen.

ALEX: That’s pretty normal for our department, Mark.

MARK: Yeah, but this is Scott we’re talking about. I mean, isn’t he supposed to be this company’s balancing Karma, or something?

MARK: It was a little before my time, but Monk tells me that before Scott was rehired everyone started going crazy around here… telling the truth, helping customers, that sort of thing.

MARK: I hear you were the first to go, after Binky. You know, that would be interesting to see…

ALEX: OK, OK, I’ll look into it.

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