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Never Give Them Your Real Pseudonym

Comic Transcript

CUSTOMER: Hello, I’m one of the writers from InfoThud (TM) Magazine… I recently wrote an article about the new UberPhone and –

KING: Oh, hey, you know, we’ve been getting a lot of new traffic to our site because of that review. Thanks a lot!

CUSTOMER: Yes, well, that’s why I’m calling. Part of my review was based on information you sent me — specifically the call plan pricing, which was significantly lower than any of your competitors.

KING: Yes, we expect that to generate a lot of interest in the market.

CUSTOMER: Maybe so, but your website lists much higher prices for your call plans than the ones you told me about. I’m getting a lot of angry email from my readers.

KING: Hmmm… it looks like that was a mistake.

CUSTOMER: You mean you mistakenly posted the wrong prices on your website and you’ll replace them with the correct ones soon?

KING: No, I mean you mistakenly posted your real email address on your website. That was a rookie mistake.

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