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Comic Transcript

BINKY (STEVE): American workers are soft, Jim. They expect things like “a living wage” and “health insurance” and “free time,” things that just aren’t competitive in this new international workplace. That’s why Apple and… any other company, really, is going to have to look elsewhere, in the long run, unless things change.

JIM WASHINGTON: So the American worker needs to be willing to work for less pay?

BINKY (STEVE): Ideally, yes.

JIM WASHINGTON: Should they also be forced to live on site in locked down dormitories? Do we abolish child labor laws and send children to the factories as well?

BINKY (STEVE): Well probably not at first.

NEWS TICKERTAPE: Foxconn chairman apologizes for comparing workers to animals. :: “I love animals,” chairman says. “I would never compare them to employees.”

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