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Just Goggles It

Comic Transcript

GOGGLES: Hey there, young feller. Lookin’ for a shine?

JAKE NERO: Sure thing, Goggles.

NARRATOR: Goggles was the best shoe-shine man in the city, and everyone knew it.

GOGGLES: So what brings you down here today, Mr. Nero?

JAKE NERO: New case. Did you know that April Winesap was engaged to someone?

NARRATOR: Everyone who was anyone shined his shoes on this spot. Goggles knew everyone, he heard everything, and he enjoyed conversation. He’d tell you anything you wanted to know as long as you paid for a shine.

GOGGLES: That’d be Leonard Dewalde. Shoe Black #6, twice a week.

JAKE NERO: So you knew him?

NARRATOR: It was a good shine, too. No mess, made your shoes look like they were new.

GOGGLES: Regular customer, until pretty recently.

JAKE NERO: What can you tell me about him?

NARRATOR: The Mob had been trying to get a piece of his action for years. When they started to lean on him, he actually hired two of their goons away from the Family to act as protection. The Don was so mad he threatened to have them thrown out a window.

GOGGLES: That depends. Do you want everything I know, or are you feeling lucky?

NARRATOR: I hear they live in ranch houses now.

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