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ALEX: I believe I’ve discovered the problem with LookOut! It’s attempting to adjust for the new Daylight Savings Time.


ALEX: Whenever the clock is changed in Nifty Doorways, LookOut! updates anything you’ve scheduled to reflect that new time. So if you set up a meeting to run at nine, and then set your clock ahead one hour, LookOut! would update your meetings so that it started at ten. In this case, it appears that LookOut! is updating your meetings in anticipation of the new Daylight Savings Time switch scheduled for this weekend.

CUSTOMER: It’s setting all my meetings ahead one hour now so it won’t have to set them ahead this weekend?

ALEX: Essentially, yes.

CUSTOMER: But if LookOut! changes meetings whenever the system clock is changed, and the system clock will be moved forward an hour this weekend, won’t that just mean that after this weekend my meetings will be off by two hours?


ALEX: Yes.

CUSTOMER: That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

ALEX: We’ll be happy to fix this, and any other Daylight Savings Time related issues, for four thousand dollars.

CUSTOMER: I stand corrected.

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